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Most Excellent Grand High Priest 2015

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Most Excellent Companion Donald Roderick MacKay

Most Excellent Grand High Priest 2015 - 2016

M.E.Comp. Donald R. MacKayMost Excellent Companion Donald R. Mackay was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia. He is the eldest of six (6) children born to Duncan R. & Margaret (Mackenzie) Mackay. He attended Sydney Academy and completed his education at the College of Cape Breton (affiliated with St. F.X. Univ.) with his BBA. He is married to Lady Carol and has three (3) children: Gail (Rob), Glenn (Cindy) and Leigh Ann (Brad). They have eight (8) grandchildren, all living out of area. He worked for thirty-six (36) years at Sydney Steel until its closure in 2000

Most Excellent Companion MacKay was actively involved in Scouting as a Boy Scout Leader for many years, and also served in various capacities with the Scouting Movement; he served on the Board of Directors of the Whitney Pier Rink, Hardwood Hill Cemetery, and Financial Services of the United Church of Canada as Secretary. He also served on the Bible Society (Secretary of the Cape Breton Branch), Secretary of the Masonic Scholarship Foundation Joe Beaton Memorial.

Most Excellent Companion MacKay has been very active in his Church (Trinity United Church) in several capacities: Secretary to the Official Board, Treasurer, and Session and is presently Chair of Sydney Presbytery.

Most Excellent Companion MacKay is a proud member of several Lodges:

Craft Lodge

MacKay Lodge No.13 A. F. & A. M., Grand Register Nova Scotia
Raised on September 29, 1967
Worshipful Master - 1972
Secretary from 1967 to 2014

Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia

District Deputy Grand Master of Cape Breton Centre District 1992/93

Royal Arch Masons

Prince of Wales Chapter No.10, Sydney
Exalted on October 30, 1973
Most Excellent High Priest - 1983
Treasurer 1989 – 2002
Secretary 2003- 2006 and 2010- 2014

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

Grand Master of 1st. Veil – 1998
District Grand Superintendent 2006/07/08 District No. 4
Grand Representative to the Grand Chapter of Missouri
Appointed Assistant Grand Secretary – 2011 for District No. 4
Grand Scribe - 2012
Grand King – 2014

Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada, Royal and Select Masters

MacDougall Council No. 7, R & S
Royal & Select Master Degree April 30, 1976
Trice Illustrious Master May 21, 1982
Super Excellent Master Degree September 26, 2013
Royal Ark Mariner September 25, 2013
Treasurer 1991- 2000; 2014 to present
Recorder 2008- 2014

Grand Council

Grand Steward - 2000
Grand Inspector General of Nova Scotia, 2001/02, 2013/14


Cape Breton Preceptory No. 43 Knights Templar, Sydney, Nova Scotia
Sir Knight November 9, 1974
Presiding Preceptor April 15, 1985
Registrar 1976 to present (except P.G.P 1996/97)

Sovereign Great Priory

Elected Provincial Grand Prior Dist. No. 6, Nova Scotia 1996/97

Scottish Rite Valley of Sydney

Cape Breton Lodge of Perfection, Sydney, Nova Scotia, May 15, 1993
Isle Royale Chapter Rose Croix, Sydney, Nova Scotia, October 30, 1993
Nova Scotia Sovereign Consistory, Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 16, 1994 


Philae Shriners, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dec. 7, 197
Secretary Cape Breton Shrine Club, 1998- 2000


Royal William Conclave No. 32, New Glasgow
Red Cross of Constantine, September 13, 1994
Appendant Orders, Oct. 1, 1994
Royal Cape Breton Conclave No. 39, Sydney, Nova Scotia
M. P. S. 1998/ 1999
Recorder 2003-present

Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada

Grand Sword Bearer - 1999
Grand Elective Committee – 2000
Grand Intendant General - 2003/04
Knight Commander of the Order of Constantine - 2012

Other Masonic Affiliations

K Y C H, Knight - April 20, 1994
Eminent Prior - 2013
Nova Scotia York Rite Sovereign College No. 132, Truro, Nova Scotia, September 12, 1998
Order of the Purple Cross – 2010
Conclave No.6 Order of the Secret Monitor
Order of the Secret Monitor, September 1, 2001
Prince of the Order December 8, 2001
Supreme Ruler 2014/15

It is with great pleasure and honor that I accept the office of Grand High Priest. I will do my utmost to serve with the Honor and Dignity it merits and Deserves.

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